Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Exacerbate Meaning and Usage


Exacerbate Meaning:

- to aggravate,  to make worse
- to irritate, to vex


Usage examples:

- reservation policies exacerbate existing inequalities
- exacerbate existing mental health problems
- a speech that exacerbated racial tensions
- a heavy rainfall that exacerbated the flood problems.


Use exacerbate in a sentence:

1.      You will only exacerbate the situation if you try to call her.

3.      It is unwise to take aspirin to try to relieve heartburn; instead of providing relief, the drug will only exacerbate the problem.

4.      Putting weight on your twisted ankle will exacerbate your discomfort.

6.      You may want to keep a food log for a week or two to see whether any particular foods exacerbate the symptoms.

7.      The proposed factory shutdown would only exacerbate our unemployment problems.

8.      Changes in the tax law will only exacerbate problems in capital investment.

    The coming elections will likely exacerbate the conflicts within Congress.

9.      Higher pollen counts will exacerbate breathing difficulty for those with allergies.


aggravate, annoy, egg on, embitter, enrage, envenom, intensify, irritate, provoke, vex, worsen

relieve, soothe, alleviate, ameliorate, aid, calm,comfort, help


Related forms:

exacerbatingly : adverb
exacerbation    : noun


Usages from some Books:

As a final blow in this horrible period of her life, Marie suffered a breakdown in her health, “a severe and complicated kidney ailment,” Quinn writes, “undoubtedly exacerbated by the pain of the scandal. She was unable to work.” 
“Great Physicists” - William H. Cropper

It was plain that the Hufflepuffs felt that Harry had stolen their champion's glory; a feeling exacerbated, perhaps, by the fact that Hufflepuff House very rarely got any glory, and that Cedric was one of the few who had ever given them any, having beaten Gryffindor once at Quidditch.
“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” – J.K. Rowling

The explanation of the photoelectric effect won Einstein the Nobel Prize in 1921. Great experiments such as Lenard’s win Nobel Prizes, but great explanations such as Einstein’s not only win Nobel Prizes but also make history. Perhaps unhappy at being upstaged by Einstein, possibly exacerbated by his inability to find the explanation for the photoelectric effect he had discovered (and on which he could have cornered both the experimental and theoretical markets), Lenard disparaged Einstein’s theory of relativity as “Jewish science” and became an ardent supporter of the Nazis.
“How math explains the world” - James D. Stein.

Nash and Alicia were living together once more, but not especially happily. The turbulence of the two previous years had produced an accumulation of hurts and resentments, and the resulting coldness lingered and was exacerbated by new conflicts over money, childrearing, and other issues of daily living.
“A Beautiful mind” – Sylvia Nasar



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