Thursday, July 23, 2009

Truculent Meaning and Usage



1. Disposed to fight; pugnacious, bellicose; warlike;
2. Expressing bitter opposition; scathing: a truculent speech against the new government.
3. Disposed to or exhibiting violence or destructiveness; cruel; fierce; savage; heinous, ferocious.
4. rude; mean;


truculence - noun
truculently - adverb


Some examples:

1. Truculent fighting broke out in the war-torn country.

2. The truculent beast approached the crowd with wild eyes and sharpened claws.

3. Your truculent reply to my offer does not bode well for an amicable settlement of the issue.

4. Edward's truculent attitude toward his girlfriends is the reason why they are apart today.

5. The Cameroons are already bad-mouthing the truculent local party for conducting a dire campaign.

6. The leader of the party gave a truculent speech against the opposition.

7. One of my superiors was a truculent fellow who would have loved being a storm trooper under Hitler.


abusive, acerbic, acid, acidic, acrid, aggressive, antagonistic, astringent, bad-tempered, barbarous, bellicose, belligerent, bestial, biting, browbeating, brutal, bullying, caustic, combative, contentious, contumelious, corrosive, cowing, cross, cruel, cutting, defiant, feral, ferocious, fierce, frightening, harsh, hostile, ill-tempered, inhumane, intimidating, invective, mean, militant, mordacious, mordant, obstreperous, opprobrious, pugnacious, pungent, quarrelsome, rude, savage, scathing, scrappy, scurrilous, sharp, slashing, stinging, sullen, terrifying, terrorizing, trenchant, vicious, violent, vitriolic, vituperative, vituperous, warlike, wolfish.

Antonyms: cooperative, gentle, mild, nice, tame, amiable


Some more examples:

1. I don't care enough for this job to endure the boss's truculent attitude a moment longer.

2. Genghis Khan took a truculent attitude toward nearly everyone but his wife, Sylvia.

3. The North Koreans have been truculent toward those in the South since shortly after World War II.

4. He was still clutching the sword of Gryffindor, and wore a strange look: half truculent, half intrigued.


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